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UnderWired is designed to uplift and inspire people around the world. The show is hosted by the fun and dynamic team of Sunny Gault, Lindsay Andreotti, Shā Sparks and Betsy Wiersma. The "girls" offer ideas for support and inspiration to listeners wanting a little boost in their day, and a little sisterhood in their lives. They take a refreshing take on current events, situations and popular culture that affect women everywhere. What sets UnderWired apart is the authentic and honest conversations the hosts have with each other and their guests. From discussing personal struggles to celebrating successes, the audience will find themselves connecting with the topics and guests on a deeper level. The show also tackles important issues like mental health, body positivity, and spirituality, providing valuable insights and resources for anyone seeking to improve their lives. With its engaging and relatable content, UnderWired is a must for all of humanity.


    Episode 1

    Don't miss the season finale of UnderWired Season 2! We're diving deep into the power and significance of sisterhood. Explore the bonds that shape us, learn why tribes evolve and how friend groups shift over time. Discover the essence of a soul sister, authenticity, and unity. We're excited to br...

  • 14-AUG- 23 - MUSIC

    Episode 2

    Join the vibrant Underwired quartet Sunny , Lindsay, Betsy, and Shā! As they dive into a riveting discussion on all things music. From sharing their personal favorite bands and songs to participating in music trivia, they cover it all. Discover the magnetism of art and rhythm, ride the waves of p...


    Episode 3

    Embark on a spiritual journey with the inspiring ladies of UnderWired We'll be exploring the profound topic of spirituality- what it represents for us, and what it could mean for you. Discover diverse methods of forging a connection with the spiritual realm.
    Shā will be sharing her personal medi...


    Episode 4

    This week on UnderWired, join the ladies as they delve deep into their fashion archives! From the wildest hair trends to once-beloved wardrobe staples gathering dust, no fashion stone goes unturned. You'll get an exclusive peek into their personal style evolution with never-before-seen photos fro...


    Episode 5

    Get ready for an enlightening episode of The Underwired Show! We're unraveling the truth about aging, and we're doing it with an amazing guest who's turned the inevitable process into an art - a journey of joy, satisfaction, and blissful aging. Our extraordinary guest, a woman of wonder, joins ou...


    Episode 6

    Are you thinking about getting back into the dating game? Or are you looking for ways to keep your relationship fresh? Join Betsy, Lindsay, Shā and Sunny as they deep dive into the world of romance in this episode they discuss the pros and cons of multiple dating, navigating apps, and online dati...


    Episode 7

    From volunteering to providing something as simple as a smile, find out why service to others is so important. Join Betsy, Lindsay, Shā and Sunny in this episode where they explore the correlation between those who choose to serve others and greater feelings of satisfaction in life! They discuss...


    Episode 8

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    Hey everyone! Did you hear? UnderWired is back with brand new episodes starting July 3rd! And we're LIVE! So, there will be opportunities to ask us questions live on the show. Mark your calendars for next Monday night at 8pm...