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UnderWired is designed to uplift and inspire people around the world. The show is hosted by the fun and dynamic team of Sunny Gault, Lindsay Andreotti, Shā Sparks and Betsy Wiersma. The "girls" offer ideas for support and inspiration to listeners wanting a little boost in their day, and a little sisterhood in their lives. They take a refreshing take on current events, situations and popular culture that affect women everywhere. What sets UnderWired apart is the authentic and honest conversations the hosts have with each other and their guests. From discussing personal struggles to celebrating successes, the audience will find themselves connecting with the topics and guests on a deeper level. The show also tackles important issues like mental health, body positivity, and spirituality, providing valuable insights and resources for anyone seeking to improve their lives. With its engaging and relatable content, UnderWired is a must for all of humanity.


    Episode 1

    Healing is a choice! In this episode, the ladies talk about healing. How do we heal the many facets of ourselves, i.e., physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.? Betsy, Lindsay, Shā and Sunny explore how important our beliefs are in our healing journey. Get ready to explore the many ways that...


    Episode 2

    Vacations! In this episode the ladies talk about life as a vacation. How can we include the energy of rest and relaxation at home or anywhere? Betsy, Lindsay, Shā and Sunny share with joy all the ways people can find the vacation in each moment. Take a deep breath get ready to laugh and join us f...


    Episode 3

    Technology can be creative and sometimes challenging. In this episode of UnderWired, Betsy, Lindsay, Shā and Sunny talk about all the variables technology can add to our lives. Some of us love it, and some are extremely challenged by it. This is a very funny and informative show, and we hope you ...


    Episode 4

    Our pets show us unconditional love! In this episode of UnderWired, Betsy, Lindsay, Shā and Sunny talk about what we can learn from our pets and the importance of affection. Animals can also remedy many things and we find out how horses can heal. Please join the girls for an adorable and inspirin...


    Episode 5

    Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry. In this episode of UnderWired, Betsy, Lindsay, Shā and Sunny talk about what Beauty means to each one of us. They explore the many facets of beauty, i.e Beauty in the world, Beauty in Nature, Beauty within, the B...


    Episode 6

    In this episode of UnderWired the girls cook up a lot of fun! We get to explore the many cooking metaphors for life! Wisdom, comfort, and more happy vibrations are packed into this show! Please join Lindsay, Sunny, Betsy, and Shā for huge smiles and much love!

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    Episode 7

    Shout out to the Entrepreneurs! In this episode, join Betsy, Lindsay, Shā and Sunny as they talk about being an entrepreneur. There are so many gems of advice and tips from the girls with laughter sprinkled throughout! We get to meet more amazing women who share their experience and wisdom as we...


    Episode 8

    Welcome to the first episode of UnderWired! Meet Lindsay, Sunny, Betsy, and Shā as they share personal life moments that uplift and support women all over the world! In this episode, the girls talk about relationships in all their many forms. From bravery and respect to how we can adjust to the o...